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Like most simulation titles on the market, Pro Cycling Manager 2013 is designed to allow players to handle the strategy of a team and the day-to-day activities, while also becoming an active participant in the races, where the gamer can control all riders in order to reach team objectives.

The Cyanide titles balanced the two elements pretty well, although I often wish to see a little more depth when it comes to finances and day-to-day team affairs.

Pro Cycling Manager 2013

A gamer can handle trainers, doctors, and scouts, and there are plenty of races to choose from and training programs to impose on riders.

The new installment of the game introduces more options for rider management, including the ability to add or eliminate objectives and a new way of evaluating their form as the season progresses, with a new attribute that evaluates their race rhythm.

There are also minute changes linked to sponsors and the overall management of race participation, but new gamers should note that actual cycling is more important than simply preparing training programs for riders.

Cycling is a complex sport that mixes team-based tactics with an emphasis on individual effort, and Cyanide has managed to capture most of the core elements of the sport in its annual simulation series.

On flat stages, most of the work is done by powerful teammates who are able to lead the peloton for long periods of time before a final acceleration designed to deliver a capable sprinter to the line with as few incidents as possible.

Mountains require different tactics, with team leaders protected until the final ascents before they are unleashed in order to take time out of their rivals.

Rising in a breakaway involves another set of skills altogether.

Pro Cycling Manager 2013

Players need to have an understanding of core cycling ideas before playing Pro Cycling Manager 2013, and they will see most real world tactics and team moves replicated in the game.

Rider form seems to be more important this year, and it really makes sense to watch rivals in any race for signs of weakness before launching a decisive attack.

The whole peloton also seems more compact than ever, and I was sometimes caught out before I could navigate between riders fast enough to get to the front at crucial moments.

The A.I. also seems smarter when it comes to launching attacks and counter-attacks, conserving its best cyclists for the make or break moments.

Mountain stages continue to be exhilarating, and gamers need to pay close attention to the energy level of their riders and only put in small attacks when conditions are optimal rather than try and launch the long range raids that cycling featured about ten years ago.

The problem with the sim is that it’s very hard to get into a breakaway, as the computer teams will mostly likely try to shut them down automatically as long as a player-controller rider is involved.

I would like to see more options linked to sprint trains in Pro Cycling Manager 2013 because, at the moment, winning a fast-paced stage end involves quite a bit of luck and knowledge of the final 2 kilometers that are hard to have on the first run through a season.

The biggest problem with the Cyanide sim is that it eats up a lot of computer resources but still takes ages to load up a stage, with a memory leak that seems to get worse after a few hours of playing.

Patches should fix that, but optimization should not be a bonus, but something offered on launch for modern video games.

Multiplayer cycling leagues are easy to set up as long as the player has the friends with the time and commitment to sustain them.

The gameplay does not change at a fundamental level, but the tactics used by actual humans are more devious than those of the computer, even though they are sometimes disjointed from the real life sport.

Those who want partners for multiplayer should try to participate on one of the fan forums dedicated to Pro Cycling Manager 2013.



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