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From real-life football there are many teams (f.ex national teams, but also some clubs) who put much of their main focus on the next opponent by training on different attacking set-piece strategies to both surprise them and try to score goals from the few chances they might get. In Football Manager 2013 there’s much focus on tactics and match analysis. With the release of FM14, I hope there will also be given some more importance to set-piece setup and making it easier to change this kind of tactical instructions in-match.

As you might remember, by taking advantage of touchline instructions you can change your playing style and tactical instructions completely according to how the match evolves. Similarly, I wish there was an easy way to change attacking set-piece strategies, for example if you’re struggling with the main set-piece strategy.

My idea is to have the ability to change between 3 different set-pieces setups similar to the ability to have 3 different tactics.

As you might have experienced, attacking set-pieces can both create goals and more chances and are one of the attacking threats. A good set-piece setup can quickly become the difference between winning, loosing or drawing a narrow match. In Football Manager 2013 there are few options to change set-piece strategies when in-game. As I see it, once you’ve made the set-piece tactics your stick with it, no matter how good or bad the set-piece instructions is. Of course you can tweak it in-game, but this must obviously contradict to the boost from match preparations and shouldn’t work as good as a set-piece setup you’ve practiced, right? To make my idea of having 3 different set-piece setups work, it is important that there exist similar familiarity levels for set-pieces as for the tactical familiarity levels. With this option you need to put even more focus on match preparation ”set-pieces” to become a set-piece specialist.

To make this work it is important that there are more player roles to choose from in the set-piece creator screen, in additional to making you able to place the player almost ‘whereever’ you want on the new set-piece creator screen. On corners you could have one or two more options to let your players attack from deep, which makes you able to have almost all your players to start from outside the penalty area and run into 6 yard box to disturb the oppositions man-marking. On free-kicks you could have one more player role, such as making you able to have one player who sits in offside and make an opposite run than all the others.

Football Manager 2014
By making you able to choose between three different corner strategies in attacking set-pieces you can both upset the opposition team, change to a new setup if the original strategy isn’t paying off, or use different set-piece strategies for two following matches. The attacking set-piece strategies must be practiced in order to work. No matter how many different player roles for attacking set-pieces there are on FM14 I just want you to be able to have different set-piece instructions to choose from; with different player positioning which can be assigned quickly.

Football Manager 2014

For many Football Manager fans agents can be a pain in the ass. For the real-life manager, agents are a natural part of transfer negotiations. In Football Manager agents are only seen when negotiating contracts or when offering a player to another club.

In Football Manager 2014 I wish they would add real-life agents and agencies such as Mino Raiola, the agent of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Mario Balotelli and Paul Pogba. The agents would have the same personalities as in real life with all their pros and cons.

In the further extend of agents is to add professional agencies; corporations who try to find new clubs for their players and who partially work with the young players to develop them to withstand pressure from the media. By revamping the agents and adding agencies in Football Manager 2014 I hope it would be an increase of promoting their players to your club by sending in a picture of the player, brief introduction to the player and strength of the player. Some agencies will be professional both when promoting the player to you and in contract negotiations, others will just try to earn as much money they can. For minor clubs who can’t afford to send a scout watching the player they will need to trust the report card from the agents. The different agencies will be located in their nation with players and coaches from it, as in real life.


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